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About Mamma

Our Story

Inspired by local’s all-time favourites – coffee and buns, as well as Malaysian’s on the move lifestyle, MammaBunz advocates the idea of One Bun Kiosk, a fast casual franchise that serves authentic and memorable taste of coffee coated buns with a sweet buttery-rich taste – namely, Mexican bun.

Established in 2004, MammaBunz (MammaRoti) has grown rapidly and is now serving freshly baked Mexican buns to people from all over Malaysia.

MammaBunz is tailored to suit your needs based on your lifestyles and demands for a fast, yet quality bun that not only fill you up but also provides a tantalizing and strong coffee aroma fragrance that makes you crave for more. Coffee lovers will never get enough of it while non coffee lovers will find it hard to resist with the tangy buttery flavour comes within.

Nobody makes better Mexican Bun than MammaBunz does, because being a One Bun Kiosk, we are truly committed to serve only the best.


MammaBunz’s Mission

• One Bun Kiosk for everyone and everywhere.
• To make MammaBunz an international brand and share this goodness with everyone from all over the world at an affordable price.